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Our mission is to extract and share data with our customers in as innovative and automatic manner as possible. We are firstly and foremost a data company. We take Data Privacy and Data Security very seriously. The use of our data may extend into multiple industries. Security and accuracy of data is critical and forms part of our genetic make-up as does the commitment to conduct all of our business ethically.

2020 Data Lab is supported by market leading expertise in video analytics, data science, and algorithm programming across the world.

We provide ANPR+ data to our accredited car park operating business partners. We focus on what we do best so that you can too.


We’ve spent a lot of time developing ANPR+ which is why we have patented* our car park monitoring system and processes.

We believe in obtaining patent protection so that we can invest our talents and energies on inventing, testing, researching and developing new concepts for you to benefit from.

*patent pending


Mendy Sudak

Mendy Sudak


The ANPR+ concept and solution is the brainchild of Mendy Sudak who first introduced the use of ANPR for car park management a decade ago. ANPR+ was born out of frustration that the tech that supports the industry which he was instrumental in creating, had essentially remained stagnant. Mendy has been inventing since 1992 and has played a prominent role in the parking industry since 2003

Gideon Overton

Gideon Overton

Chief Executive Officer

Chartered Accountant with 30 years’ corporate experience working for large blue-chip companies including Accenture and Xerox. Previously held multiple pan European Directorships including companies within the car park solution industry. Gideon adds his skillsets in leadership, transformation and controlled growth, system implementations, process re-engineering and risk management to our team.

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