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What is ANPR+

ANPR+ uses technology to ‘track’ the car from entry to where it is parked and then ‘tracks’ the car as it moves across the car park. It also then tracks the occupants (drivers and passengers) of the car after they have left the vehicle to see if they go into the facility to which the car park is attached or serves. It uses the data gathered to maximise the value of the car park space for the site owner as well as its management.

For the last decade, ANPR technology has been successfully implemented to identify vehicle number plates at the entrance and exit of a car park. It has allowed cars to park for a maximum time limit thus allowing spaces to be shared by different customers.
But what happens if somebody else’s customers park in your car park spaces or a car stops in an area not designed for parking?


Everything that ANPR can do, only so much more.

ANPR+ uses advanced technology that allows for customer-only parking, prevents infringement parking and provides Big Data.

ANPR+ is ....

  •    More powerful than ANPR
  •    More flexible than ANPR
  •    More valuable than ANPR
  •    More equitable than ANPR
  •    More exclusive than ANPR
  •    More commercial than ANPR

... a combination of

  •    ANPR
  •    CCTV
  •    Video Analytics
  •    Powerful reporting
  •    Machine Learning
  •    Big Data

... is suitable for

  •    Retail and shopping parks
  •    Trade and industrial parks
  •    Business parks
  •    Petrol Station forecourts
  •    Mixed use sites


ANPR+ can deliver so much more than traditional foot patrols and legacy ANPR.


  • Manage car parks with signage
  • Manual foot patrol and detection of infringements
  • Automatically detect cars exceeding permitted time limits
  • Recording of duration of car park stay for reporting purposes
  • Enablement for increased revenue / decreased cost car park management
  • Recording of infringement parking e.g. double yellow line / hatched areas
  • Identify if owners of cars leave (“non-customers”) site
  • Track motorists from car to premises and count movement from store to store
  • Ensure designated parking bays are used only by permitted vehicles
  • Monitoring of where vehicles are parked for full duration of stay in car park
  • Car park usage heat map


Legacy ANPR


Why you need ANPR+


Increased market potential

ANPR+ technology provides the tools for site management for both existing and new markets (both sectors and sites) that presently have little or no parking control presence despite the considerable need for it.


ANPR+ harnesses and utilises data. Site owners are increasingly appreciating the value of data and understanding how it can contribute to their bottom lines.

Customer retention

ANPR+ reporting suite increases in value as the data set grows. It will be to the site owner’s benefit to remain with an operator who collects, collates and provides the data that they will need in the future.

Unique Selling Point

ANPR+ provides the key USPs required as the landscape of car park management becomes ever crowded and the legacy ANPR market saturated.

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