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ANPR+ is able to distinguish between a bona fide customer and somebody who parks their vehicle but doesn’t enter a store. This is done without the need for in-store terminals or validation coupons.

There are many definitions of who classifies as a 'genuine' customer. Whether it is defined as someone who goes directly from their vehicle into the store (whether or not they purchase anything) and directly back to their vehicle or goes to the store and then leaves the premises for a permitted period of time, ANPR+ can help. Our clients set their own requirements.


There are many examples of “bad parking”. Examples of where only ANPR+ can automatically identify an infringement include

  • Parking on a double yellow line
  • Parking in “no stop” yellow box junctions
  • Parking in somebody else’s reserved space

ANPR+ will assist in keeping traffic flow moving by detecting vehicles who unfairly park in areas which are needed to be kept free for emergency and authorized only vehicles. By actively encouraging the correct use of your car parks, ANPR+ allows better traffic flow, more spaces to park in and most importantly, happier customers.


ANPR+ has been built using Machine Learning and Big Data as its core underlying tools. By combining two strong future proof foundations and our unique data mining software capabilities, ANPR+ can deliver real time and analytical informational reporting, customised to your needs. Below are just a few examples of how we can help you.



A graphical report indicating which sections of the car park are used most frequently and when this happens. This is particularly useful when planning development, branding or updating of the car park.

Parking use heat maps are designed according to client requirements and can report on usage on a day by day basis or by comparison. The results of heat maps are used by Facilities Managers as well as occupants who may want to evaluate the effectiveness of signage, window displays and other promotional activity.



ANPR+ data can not only report on numbers of footfall but it can also include the origin and destination of where that footfall came from. Whether directly from a vehicle, a neighbouring store in a retail park or from offsite, ANPR+ can provide this data.

The data can be used to produce a graph or other comparison that shows ‘from where to where’ site visitors go. This type of data can re-enforce business partnerships, optimise the importance of Anchor Stores and assist marketing strategies.

Such information is as valuable as car park usage heat maps but more so. It can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of a site, promotion, competition or suggest and compare upgrading plans.



ANPR+ can provide space counters and directional signs to available car park spaces thereby improving the visitor experience.

ANPR+ uses video analytics on site constantly monitoring the car park by populating a grid showing space availability in particular zones within the car park. Selected data from this grid is then transmitted to signage, most often on lampposts or bollards either with arrows directing to available spaces or signs showing actual spaces.

Displays and signage indicating vacant parking spaces are becoming ever more popular and highly valued and are installed typically in multi-story car parks. ANPR+ offers a significantly more economical alternative to space sensor technology which can be price prohibitive.

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Other Data

There are many bespoke types of data that ANPR+ can provide. For example, if you want to know the average length of stay of your visitors, occupancy levels of different zones in your car park or need advice on identifying what the correct maximum stay of your car park should be, then ANPR+ can assist you. Contact us for more information about this or anything else and we will be happy to help you design and extract key data for your site.

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