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Learn where ANPR+ can be successfully implemented.
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WHich site do you operate?

ANPR+ opens opportunities for car park site owners which previously were not suitable to ANPR or any other management method. It also significantly enhances the functionality of sites currently managed by legacy ANPR.

ANPR+ provides considerable options to deliver added value to site owners and managers.

Why choose Us?

SHOPPING / RETAIL PARKS.Typically defined as a retail facility with a dedicated car park to service customers from one or more on-site retailer.

Why choose Us?

TRADE / INDUSTRIAL PARKS.Trade parks typically have a large combined entrance/exit leading onto a common area which then leads to individual trade counters or industrial units.


BUSINESS PARKS.Usually sites with multiple businesses, mainly offices but not exclusively so. Virtually all have dedicated car parks with a defined entrance/exit that leads on to a parking area with designated and defined spaces for each business.


PETROL FORECOURTS. Partnered strategically next to a petrol filling station, commercial retail convenience stores have dedicated customer-only parking spaces.

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