If your site is a

The process

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How does ANPR+ work?


step one

ANPR+ cameras placed at entrance and exit

Install camara

ANPR cameras are installed on entrance / exit points or anywhere else in the site where vehicles can enter or leave the car park.

step two

ANPR+ cameras strategically placed across site

Hi res camara

Hi-Res CCTV cameras with night vision are installed throughout the site to ensure full coverage of car park.

step three

Data analysis

Data Analysis

ANPR+ and Video data is constantly (and in real time) combined, filtered and analysed using proprietary algorithms to produce a dataset.

step four



Evidence of potential unauthorised parking infringements are automatically alerted to our quality verification team to view restricted and anonymised images and videos

step five


Report Generation

PCNs will ONLY be issued in accordance with site specific parameters determined and set by our clients. PCNs will include a reference to view event evidence online.

step six

Report generation


Non personalised data is constantly uploaded to a central database from which reports are generated based on client/site requirements and specifications.
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